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What happened in Rwanda in 1994?


The terror and bloodshed spanned 100 brutal days in 1994. With firsthand estimates placing the total number killed at more than 1 million, the Rwandan genocide has a particularly heinous reputation as the most rapid mass extermination in human history.
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< Emmanuel was there and narrowly escaped the violence that eradicated his and so many other families across Rwanda.

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Not a handout, a hand up. Help them learn a valuable skill.


Rwandans are nothing if not resilient.

It is an incredible reality that these survivors are able to look forward after such a painful past, even while sharing a nation with some of the very forces responsible for the attack. But they can’t do it alone. As much as these survivors want to rely on their own hard work to provide for themselves and their families, the opportunities to do that are often limited at best. So we’re trying to provide them with the tools to make their dream a reality.

For each person, that means something different. And with vocational courses in sewing, hairdressing, culinary arts, carpentry, masonry and welding, students can learn a useful trade that will best suit their own skills and passions. With about 9 out of every 10 graduates going on to find gainful employment in their field of study, an investment in these students is one that will reap benefits for years to come.

3 Ways to Give


1. Project

The first way you can make an immediate difference in the lives of Rwandans trying to learn a valuable trade is through funding a one-time project. For a gift of as little as $50, you can provide tools, training and other essentials needed to succeed.


2. Scholarship

You can also make a big difference in the life of one student and his or her family by providing a scholarship. All that stands between one struggling Rwandan and a promising new career could be your generous gift of $600.

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3. Select a Donation Amount

Finally, you can choose to send a gift of any amount to support our continuing mission of Rebuilding Rwanda. Choose a one-time gift amount or a recurring monthly donation.

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