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Generous support like yours is helping to rebuild an entire people.

The Tutsi tribe in Rwanda was targeted with the most rapid mass genocide in human history. With estimates placing the number of dead at more than 1 million, the nation will forever bear the scars of this shameful and incredibly painful chapter. Through that unimaginable tragedy, though, the resiliency of survivors has shown as an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Hope Vocational Training Center is honored to be a part of equipping students with the tools needed to rebuild their nation. The impact is already evident in the hundreds of graduates who have gone on to establish economic roots in their communities with the skills they took with them. With a donation today, you can sponsor a personal success story and contribute in a real way to the ongoing mission of Rebuilding Rwanda.

We are a 501 (c)3 Charity

Give with confidence.

Since its founding, Emmanuel wanted to make sure his goal of providing hope to his broken homeland came first. From the earliest fundraising efforts to the incredible growth being sponsored today, donations directly provide the resources needed to continue that mission.

With your tax-deductible gift, you can take comfort in knowing you are directly funding a brighter future for students, families and communities throughout Rwanda.

3 Ways to Give

1. Fund a Project

Provide an immediate benefit to one of our educational programs by sponsoring a specific project. The needs vary, but each project funded translates to an improved ability to equip students with the skills to establish a self-sustaining career.

For as little as $50, you can provide tools, training and other essentials they need to succeed.

Donate to a Project

2. Provide a Scholarship

For a tax-deductible gift of $600, you can provide a complete scholarship for one student to complete our one-year program and graduate with marketable skills.

With about 90 percent of Hope Vocational Training Center graduates finding self-sustaining employment in their chosen field, it’s easy for you to provide the only thing standing between a struggling Rwandan and a promising new career.

Provide a Scholarship

3. Give Any Amount

Every gift is important and Hope Vocational Training Center puts every donation to use where it is needed most.

Any amount you give is appreciated, and you can take comfort in knowing that we will be faithful stewards in pursuit of the goal of Rebuilding Rwanda.

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