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What happened in Rwanda?

We are helping those who survived and the generation to follow.

Nearly a quarter of a century later, there is scarcely a corner of Rwanda that does not still bear fresh scars from the brutal annihilation of a people over the course of 100 deadly days and nights.

The widespread bloodshed began shortly after a 1994 plane crash killed the former president of Rwanda. A civil war predated that event by years, though, and by the time the genocide began, the Hutu majority had begun a pervasive propaganda campaign against the Tutsi minority. The massacre that ensued resulted in piles of dead bodies being stacked six feet in the air, according to some reports. No Tutsi family was spared and many were completely eradicated.

All the while, sadistic radio broadcasts continued to portray the Tutsi people as the perpetrators of violence within Rwanda. Propagandists urged neighbors to bear arms against neighbors in furtherance of the genocide. Anyone at all associated with the targeted minority was soon marked for death. Survivors say the dead totaled more than 1 million, forever devastating the community and leaving scores of widows and orphans with little left but memories of their lost loved ones.

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